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A popular drawing from our artists is a charcoal drawing

We would like to introduce you to charcoal, a popular tool for artists. With pressed charcoal powder you can create strong contrasts and large, dark areas.

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charcoal drawing

Special feature of charcoal drawing

A special feature of charcoal is that you can smudge the charcoal dust to create subtle shades. In contrast, with pencil drawings , you can swipe, but it depends on your style. Charcoal portraits are expressive and can be created with just a few strokes. They're usually black, but you can also use conté crayon to add pops of color.

charcoal drawing

Charcoal drawings are a traditional technique

Charcoal is mainly used for portraits and canvas preliminary drawings and comes in different degrees of hardness. If you want photorealistic drawings, I can create a portrait, an animal drawing or a nude drawing for you. Charcoal drawing is a traditional technique that still has its appeal.

charcoal drawing

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