20 Tips: Learn to Draw Animals - A Guide to Drawing Animals from Photos


are you interested in drawing animals? Excellent! There are many ways you can learn it - from online guides to classes. But if you just want to get started, we've got just the thing for you.

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20 tips: Learn to draw animals for beginners

In our guide, we give you 20 tips on how to draw animals, whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist. Let's start!

  1. Practice regularly: the more you practice, the better you will become.
  2. Use different materials: Experiment with different pens, papers and techniques.
  3. Practice Drawing Basic Shapes: Practice the basic shapes of each animal before drawing them in detail.
  4. Use photos as reference: Use photos as reference to make sure the animal is drawn correctly.
  5. Practice proportions: Practice understanding the proportions of each animal and using them as you draw.
  6. Practice Shading: Practice adding shading to get the depth and 3D effect.
  7. Use Lines: Use lines to define the animal's appearance.
  8. Use perspective: Practice using perspective when drawing animals.
  9. Practice Drawing Different Animals: Practice drawing different animals to improve your skills.
  10. Practice drawing movement: Practice depicting movement in your animal drawings.
  11. Use Stencils: Use stencils to draw intricate parts of the animal.
  12. Practice drawing fur textures: Practice drawing fur textures realistically.
  13. Use Negative Space: Use Negative Space to improve the animal's appearance.
  14. Use Reference Images: Use reference images to ensure your drawings are accurate.
  15. Practice Drawing Eyes: Practice drawing eyes realistically, as they are an important part of any animal drawing.
  16. Practice Drawing Poses: Practice drawing different poses on animals.
  17. Use Colors: Experiment with colors to spice up your animal drawings.
  18. Practice drawing environments: Practice depicting environments in your animal drawings.
  19. Use Personal Styles: Experiment with personal styles to make your drawings more unique.
  20. Practice drawing animals from different perspectives, such as from above, below, or from the side.

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Drawing animals for beginners

Animal drawing takes time and patience

You know what? Drawing takes time and patience. Don't worry if it doesn't work perfectly the first time, that comes with practice. So, take your time and keep practicing, you will eventually get there!

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