Wie sieht es aus: Zeichnen per Computer oder doch von Hand?

What does it look like: drawing on the computer or by hand?

Hey people,

I am passionate about art and started drawing when I was young. At that time I even interpreted and sold famous works independently. Unfortunately, the start-up was not successful.

After that I tried to find my happiness with digital artworks. But that didn't work either. Finally, I came up with the idea of ​​creating memes with well-known works. It was good at first, but eventually it got boring and I didn't see a future in it. Here, too, the start-up failed.

Meanwhile, I studied and had to deal with high tuition fees and other costs such as computers and materials. After two years of studying, I received a reminder and threatened to be exmatriculated.

One day I went to the old town and saw an elderly artist drawing a portrait by hand. It was incredibly impressive and I realized that the real art is in the craftsmanship. So I went back to the traditional art and I'm very happy with it.

What do you think about that? Draw on the computer or do you prefer to draw by hand? Let me know in the comments.

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