List of 20 items - drawing practice ideas for beginners

A list of 20 items ideal for practicing drawing

Have you ever thought about improving your drawing skills? We've got 20 tracing items for you that are perfect for this! Whether you're just starting out or are at an advanced stage, these ideas will help you improve your skills and unleash your creativity. Here is the list:

  1. An apple
  2. A bird
  3. A sunflower
  4. A bottle
  5. A dog
  6. A cat
  7. A rose
  8. A chair
  9. A lamp
  10. A telephone
  11. A teddy bear
  12. A vase
  13. A shoe
  14. A plate
  15. A glass
  16. A bookshelf
  17. A car
  18. A tree
  19. A lantern
  20. A pillow

We hope this list will help you improve your drawing skills. Don't forget that practice is the key to success!

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