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A cat is truly the best creature in the world that loves us unconditionally. Why don't we show her our love back too? With a beautiful, handcrafted cat portrait from FotoZeichhnenLassen, you can do just that.

Have a cat portrait drawn

Why have a cat portrait drawn from a photo?

  • You can honor your deceased pet with a memorial painting
  • You can give a cat portrait as a gift to your loved ones on special occasions like your pet's birthday, your own birthday, Christmas or even Valentine's Day
  • You can show all of your pets together in a single painting, even if they weren't photographed together

With FotoZeichnenLassen 's free service, you can personalize your cat portrait even more!

Have a portrait drawn from the photo with a pencil or colored pencil


A Memorial Cat Portrait - Cat Drawing

Unfortunately, pets have short lives, but they love us unconditionally for every moment of their existence. Honor this incredible connection with a memorial portrait. You can also have a personal message written on the portrait. Memorial portraits are one of the best ways to process loss.

Draw-a-cat-portrait Cats drawing

cat portrait

Cat drawing - several pets combined in one painting

What if you could unite all your furry friends in one painting? All you have to do is provide us with a photo of each pet - we'll do the rest for you!

Draw a cat portrait

Have a cat portrait drawn from just €49

Have a hand-painted portrait created from your photo now!

Now turn your favorite photos into hand-painted works of art! Simply upload your photo and we will do the artistic work to create a unique portrait from your image.

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