10 tips for successful watercolor painting

Learn to paint watercolors with 10 tips

As a watercolor painter and teacher, I have observed that many beginners are afraid of watercolor and even experienced artists sometimes struggle with it. That's why I want to give you 10 tips for successful watercolor painting today.

  1. Use high quality watercolor papers and paints for a better result
  2. Don't use too much water to avoid smudging
  3. Use fine brushes to create fine details
  4. Practice the basics like mixing colors and shades
  5. Practice on small areas first before attempting larger projects
  6. Experiment with different techniques and styles to develop your own style
  7. Use watercolor papers with different textures for interesting textures
  8. Use masking liquid to protect specific areas from paint application
  9. Use ink to add contours and shadows
  10. Practice regularly to improve your skills

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I hope these tips will help you. If you have any further questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Tu Ho from FotoZeichnenLassen team

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