Unsere Liebesgeschichte Foto-Zeichnen-Lassen: Wie wir uns durch Kunst fanden

Our love story Foto Zeichnen Lassen: How we found each other through art

Have you ever dreamed of how you will meet the love of your life? It was an unexpected surprise for me when I met my wife Hoa on my journey to become a professional portrait painter.

Our story about professional draftsmen

My childhood was marked by poverty and natural disasters in my rural homeland in central Vietnam. But even in difficult times I developed my passion for art, especially drawing. This enthusiasm was sparked by the inspiration of my grandmother, who gave me many books of heroic stories.

But it was a stroke of fate of my best friend at the time, Hoa, that led me to create my first pivotal work of art. Her dog, a close family member, was lost during a severe storm and she was deeply saddened. I wanted to give her back a memory of her faithful companion and brought her dog to life through a one-on-one portrait on paper.

Two days later I presented the portrait to Hoa and she was overwhelmed with joy and tears. From that moment I knew that my passion for art was also a way to make others happy and bring emotions from the heart.

And so began our love story, which began through drawing and art.

Thanks for reading our story.

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