Unser Antrieb bei Foto Zeichnen Lassen: – Warum wir verstorbene Personen zeichnen

Our drive at Let Photo Draw: - Why we draw deceased people


I would like to tell you why we at Photo Drawing Let us draw deceased people so much. When I came to Germany as a portrait artist, I wasn't that well known. There were many talented artists and it was difficult for clients to find me. But one day I got a request from a man who wanted to draw his late mother. He only had blurry photos and a vague memory of her. No other portrait artist wanted to create the artwork, but we really wanted to help them. So we drew the portrait piece by piece and showed him and his family progress. When the work of art was completed, they were deeply moved.

Our dream is to reach as many people as possible and rekindle their wonderful memories of those who have passed away. With our paintings we want to show encounters that are no longer possible and make little hearts beat faster. That's what sets us apart at Let Photo Draw .

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Let Tu Ho Draw from Photo

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