Die Geschichte hinter Foto Zeichnen Lassen

The story behind Foto Zeichnen Lassen

You may be wondering how this photo drawing came about?

I, Tu Ho, am the founder of Photo Draw and have been drawing since I was a child. One particular event that sparked my passion for art was the death of my friend Hoa's dog. To put a smile on her face, I drew her a portrait of her four-legged friend. That moment marked the beginning of my dream of sharing my passion for art with others and turning my hobby into a career.

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Today, together with my wife, we are living our dream and can show you our skills and enthusiasm in the form of drawings. Although it's already midnight, I'm sitting, as so often, in front of an almost finished portrait that I'll be sending out soon.

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As a small thank you, I would be happy to give you the voucher code SKETCHUS2005 worth €15, which you can use to save €15 on all portraits. Make your loved ones happy and order a portrait from Photo Draw.

Kind regards,

Tu Ho by Sketchus

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