Bild zeichnen lassen: von einem Foto zum Kunstwerk: Der Prozess des Portraitzeichnens

Have a picture drawn: from a photo to a work of art: the process of drawing a portrait

Today I would like to give you an insight into the process of portrait drawing - from the photo to the finished work of art.

First, of course, you need photos as templates

It is important that the photo is of good quality and that all the necessary details of the face are visible. Then the actual work of the portrait artist begins.

First, the face of the portrayed is studied

To understand the proportions and structures. Not only the obvious features are considered, but also the fine nuances and shades that make the face unique.

The portrait painter now chooses the appropriate technique

Depending on whether he wants to work with pencil, charcoal or watercolor (or according to the customer's wishes). The picture is then built up piece by piece, whereby the portrait artist must ensure that the similarity to the original photo is maintained.

The reproduction of emotions and expression is particularly important

The portraitist must capture the mood and essence of the sitter and integrate it into the artwork. The choice of technique can play an important role here, since different moods can be created by playing with colors and shades, for example.

After many hours of hard work, the portrait is finally finished.

It is a unique work of art that captures the personality of the portrayed and expresses it in a special way. A handmade portrait has a very special effect because it is unique and tells a story.

Summarize: Draw a picture from a photo

In summary, one can say that drawing a portrait from a photo is a complex process that requires a lot of patience, experience and skill. But the end result is definitely worth it! A handcrafted portrait is a special memory that lasts a lifetime and expresses the personality of the person portrayed in a unique way.

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