Artprint Foto zeichnen lassen als Poster

Artprint Have a photo drawn as a poster


I am Tu Ho and I would like to briefly explain to you how Artprint Portrait can be drawn. Artprint is a recreation of an original artwork that we create ourselves. We scan the artwork at 300dpi and print it out on high-quality paper, which we send to you securely packaged.

I also want to tell you a story that I experienced as a painter. A customer named Erika regularly ordered premium portrait drawings from us. One day she asked me to deliver her artwork in a week. But this week I had to cancel all my appointments and be with my wife who was about to give birth. Unfortunately, Erika couldn't wait 14 days because the artwork was a gift for her seriously ill grandmother.

I did my best but it was impossible to deliver the artwork in two days. But thanks to my sister in Vietnam, I was still able to realize the artwork and send it by express printing. It arrived at Erika's in time and her grandmother's last wish could be fulfilled.

With this story, I want to show you that art prints also move emotionally and are sometimes a better choice than an analogue drawing, especially if you have a low budget or a quick work of art.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Let Tu Ho Draw from Photo

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